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Cultivating Resilience: Joy Muntet’s Harmonious Research Journey

Writen by Kelvin Mwangi

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Being both a staunch young researcher and having an un-derailed focus on your student journey, can give a view of concreteness and purpose in your life. Joy Muntet, a third-year student at Strathmore University, specializing in Electrical and electronics engineering, Grit, research vibrancy, and an eye for innovation strives to portray her character. In this article, we delve into Joy’s remarkable journey, highlighting her discoveries, obstacles, and the path forward.

The Birth of an Idea.

Hailing from Narok County, a region profoundly on the receiving end of Climate change effects and where there is scanty knowledge on rainfall, Joy embarked on a research expedition alongside a like-minded friend facing similar challenges. Together, they delved into extensive research and unveiled a potential solution: a low-cost IoT solar-powered irrigation system. Combining their knowledge, the duo conducted theoretical analysis, field research, and meticulous data analysis to develop and refine their innovative system.

Overcoming Obstacles.

As every symphony encounters dissonant notes, her research journey isn’t short of experiencing hurdles. Limited funding compelled Joy and her colleague to fine-tune their plans, focusing on two counties instead of the initial four, and also impacted their ability to gather comprehensive real-time data, necessitating resourcefulness, and adaptability. As a first-time researcher, Joy also faced the daunting task of navigating an ocean of information, searching for the most effective approach to analyze the final data. Balancing the demands of coursework and research work added further challenges.

Guidance and Support.

Mentors Played a vital role in Joy’s Journey. With the unwavering support and invaluable guidance of Mr. Joseph Obbo and Mr. David Tusubira, Joy’s symphony flourished, refining her skills and knowledge. The School of Computing and Engineering Sciences also provided financial assistance and understanding throughout the journey. Additionally, Joy’s school mentor, Madam Teddy Nalubega, played a pivotal role in helping her strike a balance between academic responsibilities and research work.

Lessons Learned.

Reflecting on her journey, Joy offers advice to aspiring researchers. She emphasizes the importance of staying abreast of current industry trends and challenges, highlighting the benefits of becoming an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) member. Through IEEE’s monthly newsletters and access to research papers, Joy gained insights into emerging trends and breakthroughs in her field. Attending conferences provided opportunities to showcase her work and remain updated with the latest developments.

Epitomising Muntet’s research journey in developing a low-cost IoT solar-powered irrigation system has been a rewarding yet challenging endeavor. By addressing pressing agricultural issues in her community, she aspires to contribute to sustainable solutions and empower farmers to overcome the uncertainties of climate change. Joy’s dedication, resourcefulness, and unwavering spirit exemplify the potential of young researchers to make a lasting impact on society.

This article was written by Joy Muntet and Kevin Mwangi.

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