News 29 June 2023

Carata: Let your fingers do the walking

Writen by Kelvin Mwangi

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In the fast-paced world of on-demand delivery services, a spirited group of tech-savvy go-getters is defying convention and making their mark. They are the founders of Carata – a dynamic startup that brings the shop to your doorstep, no matter how small the item. All you need to do is part with Kshs.10. 

Ever been in a situation where you are stuck in the house during a rainy day and need to get your hands on some essentials like bread or coffee, or are too exhausted after work or school to head out to the shop? 

Enter Carata – with their promise of convenience and affordability, coupled with the speed and accessibility of a superb mobile app, you no longer need to imagine having your everyday items delivered right to your doorstep at the lowest possible cost.

Carata, a delivery startup, was founded by Levi Kamara, a #ClassOf2023 Informatics and Computer Science graduand from Liberia, who says this about his light bulb moment. “There was this one time that I was supposed to go to Nyayo house to get something, and unfortunately, I didn’t have soap, and I didn’t feel like going to the shop that morning. In my predicament, as there was no one to send it, I thought – what if I developed an app for this for the many others in situations like mine?”

Levi reached out to a fellow Stratizen friend and classmate Arnauld Wingabire, from Burundi, with whom they had collaborated on multiple projects. Together, they developed an app for this untapped niche and turned it into a thriving company. 

Carata has taken the campus by storm, servicing over 1,000 orders in Madaraka since 2021 through its mobile app. Today, a diverse team of six dedicated Stratizens hailing from various nationalities is working tirelessly to propel Carata forward.

But what sets Carata apart from its competitors in the delivery world? In a world where size and speed matter, the Carata team is proud of their standout offering: “The cost and speed at which we deliver are the most distinctive aspects of our operations. Unlike others, we make our deliveries, no matter how small, within 15 minutes.” And that’s no small accomplishment!

Carata is more than just a convenient delivery service – it is vital in empowering micro-entrepreneurs. By delivering small, essential items at a small and affordable price, Carata elevates the role of kiosks, kibandas, and local vendors in meeting the needs of everyday consumers.

Of course, balancing a startup with academic studies is a challenging feat. But the Carata crew agrees that the experience has been incredibly enriching, and the problem-solving skills they acquired at Strathmore have played a crucial role in their idea off the ground.

As graduation approaches, Carata’s ambitious crew is optimistic about the future. Team member Delino Gayweh, also from Liberia, reflects on their journey thus far: “We will work to make sure Carata thrives because it’s an idea we brought to life out of passion. We have stood the test of time and know that we will keep it from our different roles even after graduation.”

Carata’s vision and mission dovetail perfectly with the modern world, where convenience is king, and time is a valuable commodity, also where life can be hectic. Carata personifies innovation, creativity, and service, and we look forward to watching it dominate the industry in the coming years. Keep your eyes peeled; the Carata team is on the move!

This article was written by Keith Albert and extracted from https://strathmore.edu/news/carata-let-your-fingers-do-the-walking/

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