Our Team

Meet the collective brilliance behind Research and Innovation. Our diverse and dedicated team is the driving force behind our success. With a shared passion for innovation, creativity, and excellence, we work collaboratively to turn visions into reality while each brings unique expertise and unwavering commitment to our mission.

prof Izael-01

Prof Izael Da Silva

DVC, Research and Innovation

prof mbogo-01

Prof. Rachel Mbogo

Dean, Research and Innovation

Prof Joseph Onyango-01

Prof. Jospeh Onyango

Associate Dean, Research and Innovation

Brenda Odero-01-01

Brenda Odero

Associate Manager, Secretariat (SU-ISERC)

Victor Weirimo-01-01

Victor Werimo

Communications Executive Office of the DVC - Research and Innovation

Kelvin Mwangi-01-01

Kevin Mwangi

Communications Assistant


Monicah Stephy

Grants Assistant

Mwango Chanda-01

Mwango Chanda

Secretariat Assistant (SU-ISERC)

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