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We are a leading global partner in research and innovation

Research and Innovation is one of our strategic pillars as a university. Strathmore University is considered to be a center of excellence in teaching and research. We wish to enhance this by providing facilities and support for innovative research and extension services. We want to provide a conducive environment for the continuous education and improvement of staff in their academic and professional careers. We aim to forge academic partnerships and links with other academic institutions, the professions, industry and commerce and to be at the forefront of technological innovation and its specific application within the local context.

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We have had a goal to have
research as a main key for our activities.


Launch of the Strathmore Academy for International Research Collaboration

SAIRC has been established to promote excellence in research and innovation that can help address the world’s most pressing challenges concerning human development and improve quality of life for all.


1st Strathmore University Research and Innovation Conference

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1st Strathmore University Research and Innovation Symposium

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Republish and documenting the annual research Report

We redesign and came up with a documentation for annual report on research

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