News 19 May 2023

A Refresher on The Research Management System

Writen by Kelvin Mwangi

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Research and Innovation (R&I) form a crucial part of Strathmore University’s core principles and dedication to society, encompassing one of its four strategic pillars. To effectively gauge the research outputs, such as publications, research activities, and innovations, the R&I division has implemented a set of metrics which are vital for the accomplishment of these objectives. Leveraging on automated systems, Strathmore University’s Research and Innovation department has introduced the Research Management System—a tool we will now explore in greater detail regarding its significance and utilization.

What is it?

The Research Management System (RMS), created by the Research and Innovation department, was conceived with the dual purpose of streamlining the reporting procedures for Research and Innovation and enhancing the University’s visibility by offering comprehensive research outputs. This unique system has been integrated with ORCID and other scientific databases, providing researchers with a seamless platform to efficiently manage all aspects of their research-related activities.

Why is it Important?

There is a myriad of relevance that the Research management system brings forth;

  • Achieving real-time input and update of research and Innovation Output(s)
  •  Earn research output points, through the automated computation formula, which will be a factor when applying for promotions and/ or incentivizing staff.
  • Efficient compilation of research and innovation output reports at the School/ Research center level.
  • Users can get real-time access to open grant calls and opportunities.

How can it be Used?

The research management system is available for use by all researchers at different schools and research centers. The following steps will assist you as you navigate the Research Management System (RMS).

  1. Visit the Research Management System- https://rms.strathmore.edu/
  2. Create (if you do not have an existing ORCID account) and link your ORCID profile to the RMS.  a)Having an ORCID profile is essential and will make the data population of your RMS account flawless.

i)Once it has been linked, and also

ii) If the data already exists in your ORCID profile.

3. Populate available data into the different modules/ Research outputs in the RMS . The RMS picks existing research publications, peer reviews, research grants, and innovations from the individuals’ ORCID profiles. If the same has been populated in ORCID, Some sections of the RMS can be populated manually.

The system handles researchers in schools/research centers. If you have any suggestions, questions, or need assistance or training on how to utilize the Research Management System (RMS), please feel free to reach out to the Research Services Office team. You can contact us at researchoffice@strathmore.edu.

The article was written by the Research Office Team.