Dr. Bernard Shibwabo – Ex-officio

Director Office of Graduate Studies - Ex-officio

Dr. Bernard Shibwabo is a highly accomplished professional with a Master of Science in Information Technology from Strathmore University. He holds a key leadership role as the head of the Computational Sustainability research group and is a passionate advocate for Challenge-driven Education (CDE). 

Throughout his career, Dr. Shibwabo has made significant contributions to various organizations, including Swift Global (K) Ltd., Virtual Solutions, and Strathmore Research and Consultancy Center. He is renowned for his collaborative efforts with industry leaders, harnessing the power of Design Thinking to address complex societal challenges across diverse sectors, including Healthcare, Legal, Education, and Tourism.

Dr. Shibwabo’s research interests are in Computational Sustainability, Databases, Business Intelligence, Dataspaces, Programming, Context-aware personalized services, Semantic data, Algorithms, and Image processing.

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