Brenda Odero

Associate Manager, Secretariat (SU-ISERC)

An innovative, curious, and critical thinker with over three years’ experience in supporting research. Brenda has a passion for health research ethics, bioethics, specifically Artificial Intelligence ethics in health care.

She is currently undertaking a Master’s in Health Research Ethics from the University of KwaZulu- Natal. Her undergraduate background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology gives her an added advantage in understanding the health sciences field. Brenda has had the privilege of being invited as a panelist to discuss the importance of digital autonomy in the ethical research process by EthiXpert in South Africa and at the STReK annual conference in Kenya.

She is enthusiastic and eager to contribute to the acceleration of healthcare through innovative technologies and AI ethics in healthcare. She is also a firm believer that patient access to care can be improved through healthcare innovation coupled with good policy, governance and ethical regulation.

Brenda is working towards being part of the legacy that accomplishes that for the community and society.

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