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Legal and Social Science Research

This theme encompasses a broad spectrum of research on social, political, and legal structures. It includes the study of societal issues and their legal implications, such as criminal justice, human rights, and constitutional law. It also investigates social phenomena and their impact on societal functioning, through disciplines like sociology, psychology, and anthropology.

At the Heart of Envisaging quality assurance in Africa’s Higher

Higher education in Africa is facing a host of challenges. Research activities Unearthing quality assurance in higher education plays a strategic role in confirming the sustainability and competitiveness of a nation. According to Dr. Alfred Kitawi and Dr. Beatrice Njeru’s research, attention is still diverted from aspects that capture quality assurance frameworks in various parts of Africa, which could be critical in aligning university agendas to their development focus.

According to the State of Education Report 2015, Africa is expected to experience a ballooning workforce by 2040 despite grappling with addressing quality in higher learning institutions. This research aims to discuss quality in the African context as a policy choice by examining the literature on how decisions by actors enforce quality in institutional processes and structures. Choice of quality relating to Objectives; Control, quality domain areas, quality procedures, and uses of Information on quality.

The expected impact is that it can assist in structuring quality assurance policies in universities within Africa. By exploring the myriad of meanings of quality assurance from Europe and Asia, Africa is expected to expedite considerable effort and unprecedented time to the importance of higher learning that seeks continental harmonization in Higher education institutions.

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