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Digital Revolution
and Data Science

This theme centers around the evolution of digital technologies and their impact on society, as well as the role of data science in leveraging these technologies. Research includes areas such as machine learning, AI, cybersecurity, and the impact of digital transformation on business and social dynamics. It also involves studying the ethical aspects of data use and privacy.

State-of-the-Art Data Governance Resource Center(DGRC)

DGRC aims to add to the pipeline of resources to promote data governance understanding in Africa. In reality, we should hit the nail on the head, without good governance, more data leads to more chaos and less trust. Data governance is therefore a product whose time has come. It is with this realization that frontiers Amanda Manyame and colleagues from the Centre For Intellectual Property And Information Technology Law(CIPIT) were able to create a Data Governance Resource Center with support from William and Flora Hewlett’s foundation.
This collaborative effort aims to contribute to the body of evidence available for those influencing policy in data protection, data bias, open data, and other issues on data governance with a focus on issues relevant to the Global South, particularly Africa. Moreover, CIPIT has embarked on a Data Governance Principles Project that will provide introductory and background information on what data governance is in the global context and in Africa.
Properly governed data can create a well-loved brand and change the power dynamic in any industry and organization. The resource center represents the regulators across the continent that provide for the regulation of both personal and other data. Through this, they will provide
an understanding of data governance from both theory and practice by engaging with stakeholders within data governance on the continent

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