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This research theme delves into the dynamics of markets, organizations, and economic systems. It encompasses a broad range of sub-disciplines, such as entrepreneurship, financial economics, organizational behavior, and strategic management. Researchers aim to understand and improve the way businesses operate and contribute to the economy.

Need More Ideas? How natural resources can be used in financing devolution?

The Promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in 2010 marked a major milestone through the reinstatement of regional governments as devolution took root in the country. The pivot role is to bring the government closer to the people with county governments at the center of dispersing political power and economic resources to Kenyans at the Grassroots. Prof. Robert Mudida designed a framework for how natural resources when used correctly, can be a transformative asset in financing devolution, significantly lowering over-reliance on National Government funding.
The chapter aims to come up with a framework that shares resources equitably while avoiding conflict and thereby assisting devolution. The framework is founded on issues dealing with the allocation of power to manage and develop natural resources, raising and sharing revenues
from natural resources, public participation to guide national resource-sharing issues, and how the issue of ownership of National resources is intertwined with ethnic conflict. Moreover, the paper mirrors best practices from several countries on how equitable sharing can be accomplished since the Kenyan constitution has minimal references to the equitable sharing of
natural resources and provides no detailed guidance on achieving it.
The envisaged impact of this paper is to address the holistic and inclusive development arising from natural resources for the Kenyan economy and facilitate the development of more inclusive institutions which have been the key distinguishing factor between developing countries that have harnessed natural resources to promote economic development and those that haven’t.

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