The 101 on the Ethical review process.

An ethical review represents a fundamental procedure designed to evaluate the ethical implications inherent in research endeavors involving human subjects. At Strathmore University, this vital evaluative process falls under the purview of the Strathmore University Institutional Scientific and Ethics Review Committee (SU-ISERC), which plays a pivotal role in its administration.

For researchers, active participation in the ethical review process is not merely a moral obligation but also a means of upholding the welfare and rights of research participants. Simultaneously, it serves as a safeguard for the integrity and credibility of the researcher’s work. The grant of ethical approval serves as tangible evidence that the researcher has adhered to the recognized ethical standards essential for a valid research study.

It is imperative to emphasize that ethical approval should be obtained prior to the commencement of any data-gathering activities. In the context of students pursuing academic research, this milestone typically follows the successful defense of their research proposal.

The standard timeline for the comprehensive review process overseen by SU-ISERC usually spans approximately 14 business days from the assignment of the project to a qualified reviewer for a meticulous evaluation. This timeframe allows for a thorough examination of the research design, methodology, and ethical considerations, ensuring the ethical soundness and validity of the proposed study.

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