Strathmore Ideas Festival

The Strathmore Ideas Festival is an initiative of the Research and Innovation Division of Strathmore University. It will be the first installment of a biannual event series to showcase and celebrate research-led innovations from the staff and students at Strathmore University.

Festival Objectives

The exhibition seeks to:

  1. Showcase the most recent innovations developed by staff and students to a large audience.
  2. Connect innovators with one another to create an innovation community.
  3. Spur the linkage between researchers and innovators.
  4. Promote and celebrate a culture of innovation.
  5. Launch and promote an online innovation community tool.

Activities and Venues

Various activities will be held during the festival. The primary activities will take place on the showroom floor, where, in provided booths, selected innovators will display and explain their innovations to attendees over the course of the event. During specified breaks, there will be entertainment spots in the form of plays, dances, and music.


A call for innovations will be issued one month before the event, inviting staff and students to submit summaries of their innovations for screening, through the aforementioned online innovation community tool. A review panel, made up of experts in each of the areas of research at Strathmore University will then evaluate the submissions and select the best for exhibition.

Focus areas

Innovations will be accepted across all the areas of research focus within Strathmore University. Priority will be given to innovations that leverage published research carried out at Strathmore University or other Kenyan universities.

Ideas Festival 2022

The Research and Innovation Department will host its first Ideas Festival, on 9 December 2022 , The theme of the festival is “Making SU work for everyone”. The festival will bring together undergraduate students from different faculties, providing them with a platform to not only showcase their innovative ideas but also encourage collaboration outside their respective schools.


Strathmore University Admistration Block

Phase I next to ICT Offices

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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