Strathmore Ideas Festival 2023

Strathmore University conceived the Ideas Festival in 2022 as it sought to create an annual event that will bring together students(Undergraduate and postgraduate) and Staff members of Strathmore University, to share their ideas or research and celebrate their collaborations. The Inaugural Ideas Festival which took place in December 2022, saw over forty submissions to the call for ideas with 9 presentations making it to the finals under the theme ‘Making SU work for everyone’. It was attended by over 300 participants from Strathmore University and other universities

“We want to mainstream research and Innovation in our university. We aim for students to be able to research on the first day of school because we will instill a culture of research and innovation, a culture of being excited about solving problems.”

Prof Izael Da Silva, DVC Research and Innovation, during the launch of the Strathmore Ideas Festival.

Taking into account this year’s theme of “Caring for people and planet’, Ideas Festival 2023 will be keen on bringing innovation and entrepreneurship to bear on global sustainability challenges. The festival therefore will not only emphasize interdisciplinary research and collaboration but also challenge students to confront complex global challenges and make the world a better place through research, learning, and innovation.

The festival aims to bring together some of the most free-spirited and bold individuals calling out challenges and morphing them into unprecedented opportunities. Together, through research, learning, and innovation, we will create a world where care for both people and the planet is at the heart of every endeavor. The Ideas Festival will continue to be the catalyst that propels us toward a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

For many years to come, they will be people shaping the content.

Why Participate?


Students and Youth Research Attendees–  Connect with students and youth who are driving innovation and learn how they are gaining insights into the latest research.

Idea Incubation– Get mentorship/opportunity to get your business Incubated.

Sustainability cognizance- Educate the public and raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and how individuals and organizations can contribute to protecting the environment.

Thought-Provocative discussions– Participate in provocative discussions around sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and environmental trends.

Collaboration and Partnership– Encourage undergraduate students to engage one another, and with senior researchers, to improve both the scope and quality of their work.

Innovation and entrepreneurship- Promote entrepreneurship by encouraging students to develop innovative solutions to global sustainability challenges and supporting the commercialization of these solutions.


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– General Posters and Pictures from Ideas Fest Season 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Ideas Festival

  1. Can I pitch a solo project? 

To foster collaboration and innovation, all submissions MUST be made in a group of up to three members.

2. Are group members required to be from different schools, or can they be from the same institution, such as Strathmore University? 

The Ideas Festival aims to promote interdisciplinary collaboration within Strathmore University, so we encourage applications from groups with members from different schools or departments within the university.

3. Is it mandatory to have three team members from different schools, or can there be at most two members from the same school? 

We encourage diversity in group compositions. You can have two members from the same school and one from a different school, or all three members from different schools within Strathmore University.

4. What categories of problems are expected to be tackled in the competition? 

Your ideas should align with the event theme: ‘Caring for People and Planet: Innovation for a Sustainable Future.’ We invite you to explore the list of topics that fit your innovation or invention by scanning the QR code on the poster. Feel free to work on any inspiring idea within this theme.

5. What are the participation rates for the Ideas Festival? 

The non-refundable participation fees for the first round of presentations are as follows: SU alumni – KES 2,000, SU Masters students – KES 1,000, and SU undergraduate students – KES 500.


Ideas Festival (Masterclasses)

Based on the valuable feedback from Ideas Fest 2022 participants and adjudicators, we recognized a common concern: the need to provide mentorship and enhance the capabilities of presenters in critical areas of innovation. 

These Masterclasses will offer a unique space for all students and staff to delve deeper into the intricacies of their fields and learn from seasoned experts.

The Masterclasses will follow a structured format designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience within a concise 45-minute timeframe as shown below:

  • Introduction to the specific topic of the Masterclass.
  • The facilitator shares their journey, experiences, and expertise in the industry.
  • The facilitator addresses key issues related to the topic, exploring various aspects.
  • Participants gain valuable insights, best practices, and actionable strategies.
  • The facilitator leaves the audience with a thought-provoking concluding message.
  • A Q&A session is reserved for attendees to seek clarification and share their thoughts.

Masterclasses Topics.

Pitching & Presentations, Legal & Intellectual Property, Product Design, Product Costing & Financial Management and Customer Journey Mapping.

Fireside Chats

These are Informal and Interactive audience-centered discussions that provide a platform for Knowledgeable Individuals to engage in topics around Innovation and research which are displayed below.

Our main aim is for the sessions to offer opportunities for meaningful engagement and Interaction, sharing of In-depth insights, Inspiration and motivation and create networking spaces. 

The timetable for our Fireside chats is

Fireside chat: IBM Skills Build – John Matogo – IBM (TBC) – 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm. Venue( Microsoft Auditorium)

Fireside chat: Empowering Young People with Green Skills for a Sustainable Future – Anja Berretta, KAS (TBC)-  2.30 pm – 4.30 pm Venue( Microsoft Auditorium)

Fireside chat: Monetizing your passions – Denis Mwaura, Founder Denri (TBC)-  2.30 pm – 4.30 pm Venue( Microsoft Auditorium)

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