21 April 2022 - In SU-IERC

Strathmore University

Institutional Ethics Review Committee (SU-IERC)

Services and Fees


Item Type Fees (USD)
Standard Basic
Initial submissions Clinical trial studies 1000 700
Non-clinical trial studies 700 300
PhD 300 200
Master’s 150 100
Amendments All studies 50 50
Continuing reviews / annual renewal Clinical trials 100 50
Other studies 50 50
Penalties for late renewals All studies 50 30



  1. The “Basic” rate applies only to proposals from within Strathmore University that are either fully funded by, or are made by graduate students of, the university.
  2. The “Standard” rate applies to all other proposals, including those made by staff members of Strathmore University whose projects are partially- or fully funded by an external funder.


Bank details

All payments for review should made to the following bank account:

Name : Strathmore University
Bank : Standard Chartered Bank
Account No : 0102044844000 (KES)

: 8702044844000 (USD)

Branch : Karen
Branch code : 075
Bank code : 02
Swift Code : SCBLKENX

MPESA details

(Forward the transaction confirmation message to ethicsreview@strathmore.edu)

Pay Bill 400222

Account No     1059#1037


Strathmore University Admistration Block

Phase I next to ICT Offices

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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