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21 April 2022 - In Guidelines

Title:          Guidelines for Obtaining Authorisation to Collect Data at Strathmore University

Administrator:          Research Services Office

Last Updated:            June 2019


Version  Change Version Date Change(s) made
Ver.01 April 2018 New document.
Ver.02 June 2019 Copy edited to improve clarity.



This guide is meant to:

  1. Promote ethical research within and outside Strathmore University.
  2. Establish a standard procedure to guide researchers who wish to collect data from Strathmore University.


Requirements for Application

Any researcher who wishes to collect data from Strathmore University is required to make a written application to the Dean, Research and Innovation. This application should be supported by the following documentation to be eligible for review:

  1. An introductory letter from the institution of affiliation of the researcher. The letter should provide the contacts of an authority who can be reached to authenticate the affiliation of the researcher.
  2. A research permit from the National Commission of Science Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI).
  3. A letter of clearance by an accredited research ethics committee (Note: The Research Services Office at Strathmore University issues an administrative authorisation to the researcher to collect data within the precincts of the University. This authorisation does not constitute an ethical clearance of the research being undertaken. Such clearance must be sought in advance by the researcher from an accredited body).
  4. An extract from the research proposal constituting, at least, the:
    1. Aims of the study.
    2. Objectives of the study.
    3. Timeline for the study.
    4. Data collection tools.

Applications must be submitted electronically through an email to research@strathmore.edu under the title “Request to collect data at Strathmore University.” The Research Office will provide the researcher with an appropriate answer within two weeks of receipt of a complete application.



If the researcher’s application to the Research Services Office is approved, the researcher shall be required to submit a signed “Confidential Information Form.” This is a commitment to promote accountability through the ethical use of data collected from Strathmore University.

Researchers will also be required to sign an “Information Sharing Form.” This will commit them to share the results of the study with Strathmore University by depositing a copy of the final research report with the Research Services Office.



Data collection approval requests will take into consideration the current administrative, teaching and learning schedules and any other ongoing closely-related researches within the University to minimise disruptions to business processes and over-burdening of potential respondents.


  • Guidelines-for-Obtaining-Authorisation-to-Collect-Data-at-Strathmore-University pdf (72kb) [ download ]


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