Impacts of grants

PI – Dr. Betsy Muriithi Donor – University of Bristol

The fellowship award of £15,821.43 for Strathmore Data Week 2022, which run from the 7th March 2022 to 11th March 2022. This year’s data week theme was on cultivating data science research in Africa. The event provided a platform for PhDs and early career researchers in data science to interact and exchange ideas. The week also provided a spotlight for women academics, experts, researchers, and leaders in data science to present their research, share ideas and map a way forward for building data science research in Africa.

PI – Prof. Simon Waigura. Donor – Bill and Melinda Gates

Strathmore University’s Business School (SBS) Agri-Food Innovation Hub and BCG’s Green Ventures Africa are working with leading African agriculture and livestock companies to address their core scaling challenges. This initiative aims to accelerate the highest impact, climate-smart businesses that drive green growth across Africa. This program aims to specifically tackle key elements of the livestock value-chain.

More broadly, the collaboration has five impact objectives for food and agriculture:

  • Better “last mile, first mile” solutions for 100M+ small-scale producers (SSPs) to access inputs, training, and markets, particularly with climate adaptive practices and using the power of digital platforms
  • 5x more food processing done within the continent, creating non-farm jobs and drive more margin capture
  • Greater access to more affordable (>40% price decreases) animal sourced foods produced with low environmental footprint (~10% GHG emissions increase)
  • Fit-for-purpose infrastructure to reduce waste by 50% and increase quality of products reaching consumers
  • Increase in land cultivated with regenerative practices, allowing agricultural production to enhance natural systems


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