Overview of SU-IERC

Strathmore University’s mission of teaching, research and service to society is realised in an environment of freedom and responsibility, thereby creating a culture of continuous improvement, fostering high moral standards, and developing a spirit of service and mutual respect. The Strathmore University Institutional Ethics Review Committee (SU-IERC) promotes the university’s commitment to foster an intellectual and ethical environment based on sound principles of academic and research integrity.

The governance and operations Science, Technology and Innovation (Registration and Accreditation of the SU-IERC draw from various statutory and regulatory provisions of the science, technology, and innovation sector. These include the Science, Technology and Innovation Act No. 28, of 2013; the Research Institutions) Regulations of 2014; the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI), established under section 3 of the Act; and the 2011Guidelines for Accreditation of Ethics Review Committees in Kenya.

The governance and operations of the SU-IERC also takes cognisance of the provisions of Strathmore University’s internal regulations, such as the Charter, Statutes, the SU Research Policy and other university policies, guidance and regulations, as deemed relevant and appropriate. It is also guided by other internationally accepted guidelines and best practices in the conduct of clinical research in human subjects, such as the Declaration of Helsinki and other relevant international guidance documents. The primary activity of SU-IERC is to review, approve and provide oversight of all approved research protocols.

The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for research and Innovation shall provide strategic oversight for the committee. All matters relating to its operations shall be directed by the Dean for Research and Innovation and the Research Services Office. These administrative arrangements should not undermine the operational independence of the committee. Rather, they must enhance and preserve it. Prof Fred Were Chairperson, SU-IERC Dr Virginia Gichuru Secretary, SU-IERC

Prof. Fred Were


Chairperson, SU-IERC

Dr. Virginia Gichuru


Secretary, SU-IERC

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